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Give Trump credit, he made America respected again.


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Aug 25, 2018
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I thought it was time to give Trump his due. While a little eight year old boy was about to die,

8-year-old Guatemalan boy dies in US custody on Christmas

Donald Trump reminded us what was truly important, and should concern us: He was all alone on Christmas.

"I Am All Alone (Poor Me) In White House": Trump Tweets On Christmas

But then we got unexpectedly great news! Turns out having you leader whinging like an little boy, when a real little boy is on the verge of dying in government custody on Christmas, is how America now gains respect in the world.

(From above link)
But amid his litany of complaints Monday, Trump decided it was the moment to declare victory. He tweeted an all-caps twist on his campaign slogan: "AMERICA IS RESPECTED AGAIN!"

Who knew?

(And thank God he isn't putting Dijon mustard on his hamburgers, you know, like that "other" president. No wonder America was so disrespected! Amirite?)

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