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Girl avoids being kidnapped thanks to her iPod


Oct 29, 2010
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Very smart girl. Very stupid child molester. What sort of kidnapper tells the victim to get in the car? Especially at a government owned public school?

The incident occurred at approximately 6:10 p.m. as the 12-year-old girl was standing on the sidewalk awaiting a ride outside Stanton Middle School, located on Limestone Road.

The girl tells investigators that a man driving a white van entered the school driveway and pulled up next to her. The man then told the girl to "get in the van".

The girl tells police she then held her iPod to her ear and told the man she was calling 9-1-1. He then fled and was last seen traveling southbound on Limestone Road.

The suspect is described as a white male, 35-45 years of age, with a dark crew cut styled hair. He was last seen wearing a dark sweatshirt and was operating a white work van.

A spokesperson for Red Clay School District says the girl is not a student at Stanton Middle School or in the Red Clay District. Because the incident occurred near one of their schools, the School District will make parents aware of what happened through 'Alert Now,' which is a phone message alert system.

Police investigate attempted luring in Stanton, Del. | 6abc.com
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