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Germany detects new cyber attack by Russian hacker group

Rogue Valley

Ruscism = Russian fascism
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Apr 18, 2013
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Germany detects new cyber attack by Russian hacker group


BERLIN: German security officials have detected a fresh cyber attack on the email accounts of German lawmakers, the military and several German embassies by the Russian hacker group Snake, Der Spiegel reported on Thursday (Nov 29). The news magazine, citing security sources, said the latest cyber attack was detected on Nov 14 but it was not yet clear if any data had been stolen. It quoted the BfV domestic intelligence agency as saying: "The BfV, in the framework of investigating the cyber campaign 'Snake', has detected new attacks. The victims are primarily in the government and political realm." No comment was immediately available from the agency. In April, BfV said there was a "high likelihood" that the Russian government was behind a cyber attack on German computer networks that was discovered in December 2017 that was also linked to the hacker group Snake. German officials have also said Russia was behind an earlier cyber attack on the German lower house of parliament in 2015. Russia has repeatedly denied that it is involved in cyber attacks on German institutions.

The hacker group Snake has long been tied to the Russian government. I wonder if Ms. Merkel will give Putin an earful at the G20 in Argentina.

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