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German Luftwaffe welcomes new "Luftwaffe One"


Jul 3, 2020
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Rostock / Germany
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The two older A340 which served as Merkels "Luftwaffe One" had more and more age related problems so last year an order for 3 new aircrafts was made at Airbus.

The first one was delivered now:


It had a global range and can reach even Australia from Germany, needs less fuel.

The 2 former A340 and the new A350 are used by high ranking members of the government (Chancellor, President ect) to attend global meetings including their staff and a few selected journalists. The 3 A350 after construction were brought to Lufthansa Technick, which added the security technology as well as the interior of the aircrafts.

So far no pictures from the interior exist so far now but there are picture from the odler A340


Beside that there are also 2 much smaller A319 for shorter ranges and 3 Bomradier for internal german flights and the close euroepan neighborhood. Those will be replaced too shortly.
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