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Georgia was flooded by drags...



I don’t want to lie to you but Georgia was flooded by drags in time of Soviet Union and Shevardnadze’s time too. I’d been living in Tbilisi for 30 years and in 1989 I got across to Germany successfully. Now I observe modern Germany and can hardly believe it.
Look, in time of my youth just gilded youth and gangsters fooled with drugs but now it’s free-for-all. Messmates of mine who are living in Georgia now told me that anyone can make drug market in Georgia! Moreover drugs delivered to Georgia by traffic-ways controlled by Merabishvili’s junior. If you don’t know Merabishvili is the head of Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs! In fact the state has got control over distribution of drugs. Even narcologist complicit for this dirty business and Saakashvili is dancing at the bones of disband generation at that time!

Infinite Chaos

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Oct 28, 2007
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:lol: Drags really are a problem.

Which is worse? A soviet bot that can't spell or the idea of Georgia being flooded by the Russian army invading dressed as drag-queens?
No wonder that Sakaashvilli dude was so p****d off!
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