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Georgia marries Iran



Ha-ha! And that’s after such a love-making with USA! Imho Washington should be brokenhearted.
For decision of visa regime cancellation between Tbilisi and Teheran is a very serious step for “joint residence”. And building of Iran HPP would just certificate this tender love.
You see if I want to have some fun during my working-day I search for Georgian news in I-net. Really they’re freaky ridiculous scum. All of them. And their President is a general buffoon. Or he’s the main felo-de-se. Or maybe he’s just a babish fool.
In any case it was quite funny looking on his masterful coaxing out of huge amounts of American money weaseling and lying in teeth. Saakashvili hot it up to eleven with his Cabinet including this sexy pole dancer Vera Kobalia.
But instead of being as good as pie this freak flags his generous fairy US godfather and flirts with Iran. So to be sure now presidential career of Mikheil is done for – his former masters won’t allow him continue enjoying himself anymore..
And I just wonder if some of those rogue states would make be bold as to offer harbourage to Saakashvili ankle biter when US merry guys would come for him. Otherwise he would have to pay for all uncontrolled crimes his government committed since time of “Rose Revolution”.
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