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George Bush's primary responsibility? (1 Viewer)

What should the president be most responsible for ensuring?

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Jan 1, 2006
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When he talks about foreign policy, the president is always using the word freedom; we will "bring freedom to the Middle East," replace tyranny with "freedom and democracy." When he talks about problems here at home, the watchword is security; "homeland security" is a priority, he says, or "national security" is being neglected.

People lap up both spiels together like kittens after milk despite the obvious disconnect. Increased security at home has, without a doubt, lessened our freedoms; more freedom abroad has meant decreased stability (think the whole of Iraq, here).

I ask you, as I am sure you have been asked before, this: in the most general sense, which is it first and foremost the president's responsibility to provide for the American people? Freedom, or security?

I'm very curious as to everyone's opinion.

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