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???Gay's have the right to adopt a child and raise him/her???


Oct 27, 2005
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South Carolina
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Well it affects the child life? Long term and Short term results would be what? Is this wrong to raise a kid gay?
I don't think it matters only because there are so many heterosexual couples out there who are completely unfit to raise a child so I don't see how a gay couples adopting could possibly have a negative affect. I mean sure when they get older, they will have some odd things to deal with but I think its far preferable for them to have a loving home with a gay couple then for them to get passed around from place to place.
Considering that they are "seperate but equal" as so many people like to lable gays. Why should they not be allowed to adopt?
Sure they do, and they often make great parents. Careful in their raising of a child, more aware of the past that may have changed their life, and determined to raise their child in a good home. They are probably the most likely to raise a normal, healthy child, and they usually go on to raise a family themselves. This is why I know what a family does for an individual, and so do they.
I'd have swapped a second mother for my unstable, abusive excuse for a father anyday.
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