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Fylfot on Euro



Haven’t you seen such a nonsense? They say that there are several hundreds of defective coins somewhere among new Eesti 2€ coins minted by Mint of Finland. Just imagine they say that several hundreds of 2€ have got Nazi fylfot on their milled edge. Somehow some of them have been brought out of the Mint. Now Estonian numismatists are mad hunting those coins. For surely it would be un****withable expensive collector’s rare item. I like collecting coins much. But of course I won’t be able to buy such rarity. And I want them very much.
On the other hand it is great shame for Estonia that such provocation have been committed. Because I’m sure that this has be done on purpose. And no one but Eesti authorities themselves could order this offense for entire EU. May be they wanted to make some kind of souvenirs for the most honoured neo-Nazist statesmen. And may be they think that this is a very funny joke that could drive all anti-Fascists out of their wits. But I’m really ashamed for my country. Seems that everyone considers Baltic countries as some kind of Nazi resort making EU negative image of the neo-Nazi offal’s’ asylum.
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