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I've been using the Internet for many years. Never a forum. Well, everything has to start from somewhere, right?

Yeah, this election season, that started it. Wanted to debate, or maybe just vent, one cannot tell. DP seems to be a good place to go. It is said to be a monitored, relatively cordial environment. I'd never even seen a troll yet. I want peace.

It's been an interesting experience. I've learnt a lot. Boy, a lot more than I expected in the beginning. I looked forward to the things exciting, and positive. That may have come true. Some disappointment is to be expected. But debating here? I don’t know.

It is good to vent here, rant here, small talk here, and watch shows here. ... But, I have to say this, some posts, some people, exhibit outright mean spirit. ... And again, just when you think you couldn't find anything meaningful here, guess what? You would then be surprised.

After a while, you feel you know the frequent posters here. You could picture what they look like, and their facial expressions. Of course, the pictures certainly bear no resemblance to the real persons behind the user names.  The imaginations are just there to help you understand what they said in the posts. ... Sometimes, you feel you come into contact with types of people you have never personally known before.

The small version of society, it challenges your wisdom. ... If you DO want, you CAN learn things here, and discover somethings about yourself. …

So, I think I’ll try to stick around.
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