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Freezer Suicide (1 Viewer)


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Mar 31, 2005
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According to CBSNews.com, a man told police he hid his mother's body in his freezer for years said his money was running out and that he planned to kill himself to get arrested. In LA Crosse, Wisconsin, 52 year old Philip Schuth was taken into custody on April 23 after he allegedly shot his neighbor, and the police later discovered what appeared to be the body of his mother in his freezer. The sad part about this whole story is that the man was collecting his mother's Social Security funds even after her death, which was believed to occur in August of 2000. CBS reported that a court affidavit said that he figured he could live five years longer on $10,000 in cash and another $25,000 from a joint account that he shared with his mother. Some how he planned ways to get arrested when his money would run short, he planned ways to commit suicide once this happened.

It is terrible that this man had such a "cold" heart, by collecting his mother's Social Security funds after her death. It is even worse that he kept her body in the freezer. This makes me wonder what their relationship was like when she was still alive. According to the report, there is currently an investigation to determine why funds were still being received after her death. Charges of fraud are likely to be issued.
Did he kill his mother or was she already found dead?

That's terrible indeed, I don't care what religion (or lack there of) you follow... a burial should be given to everyone.
She died of natural causes from kidney and heart failure. Her organs probably failed due to her extended time in the freezer!

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