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May 30, 2004
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Off the wall topic, but has anyone seen the new layout for foxnews.com? It is definintely much improved.


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Yeah... quite nice.

Looks like they have dropped worrying about dial up users and just went with a nice look. Should see others going this route in the not too distant future as broadband numbers keep going up.

You call that improvement?
*It's slow
*Mozilla doens't like it.
*Hard to find the stories with all the advertisements.
*Bad layout.

The only thing you can find is the 'top story' other than that you have to look.

More colors but about as ugly as worldnetdaily.
Well, it's 2 to 1, so you're wrong. :p


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vauge said:
*Hard to find the stories with all the advertisements.

What ads??? Oh yeah... you don't use The Proxomitron™. I don't see those any more :mrgreen:
A copy of the email I sent to foxnews:
From: [removed to post]
To: Foxnewsonline@foxnews.com; Viewerservices@foxnews.com
Subject: New website layout
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2004 16:50:40 -0500
Organization: Network-room.com
X-Mailer: Sylpheed version 0.9.10claws (GTK+ 1.2.10; i686-suse-linux)

The new website layout is pathetic!!

"You guys should hire a professional company instead of someones nephew!"

*It's very slow - even on 2Ghz computer and broadband connection
*The Fox News Video Access overlaps the main page area
*Can't see the full top bar (due to overlap)
*Everything on the extream right side is overlaped
*Mozilla browser doens't like it.
*Hard to find the stories with all the advertisements.
*Very very bad layout.
*Did you even test this page on anything other than Internet Explorer running at 1600x1200?
*Did I say bad layout?

The only thing you can find is the 'top story'.

You just lost my bookmark.
Thank heaven for News aggregators (RSS/XML feeds).

[removed to post]
Plano, TX
I feel better now.

Since the time of this email (6 hours ago) it is much faster and looks a little better on Mozilla. The right video access still overlaps.
Did you get a generic "Thank you for you comments" reply from their mail bot?
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