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This sub-forum was created for everyone to be able to have their say on a particular subject without the fear of off-topic and derailing posts ruining a good thread. Everyone has the same 5,000 characters to use to state their opinion on the subject at hand. Everyone can post in each of these threads just once. This is NOT a forum for debate. Anyone who comments on another post or tried to debate something someone said in one of these threads or posts more than once in one of these thread will be thread banned. Repeated violations may result in infractions and/or permanent removal from this sub-forum.

For those who do wish to debate something someone says in one of these threads, you are free to quote that post in a new thread in 'The Loft' (the parent forum of this sub-forum) in which you can debate the subject/post there. Do keep in mind that 'The Loft' has it's own rules concerning civility that will be enforced.
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