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Forum idea to streamline thread browsing


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May 21, 2005
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Hello! I have an idea that I think would make browsing the forums easier. Maybe there's already a solution to this, if so I apologize ahead of time. :)

The way it is now, when a topic gets to be more than 3 pages long, the links are displayed like this:

(1 2 3 ... Last Page)

The problem is, quite often I need to pick up the conversation two or three pages from the end, because there has been so many posts in the few hours since I last visited the forum. The Last Page link rarely takes me to the actual page I need, but I click it anyway because it's the fastest way to a link for (Last Page - n), n being however many pages of posts I need to refer back to get caught up.

The other problem is, if there are more than 3 pages, there is really no need for links to page 2 and 3. People who are new to a conversation will (ideally) start at page 1, not 2 or 3. And people who've been posting since page 1 don't really need links to page 2 and 3 when there are 9 pages of posts and they've already read page 2 and 3. More typically in a 9 page post, people who are active in the topic would want links to page 7 8 and 9 instead.

So my recommendation is to make the links more like this:

(First Page ... x y z)

Where x y z are whatever the last 3 pages are. Is it possible to do that? Is there a different way to quickly get to (Last Page - n) so it's easier to continue reading the debate from where we left off? Thanks!
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vauge said:
Click on
in the thead display to read the first unread post in a thread. :)

It is in the top left hand corner of every thread display - or it is also available on the forum display before the name of the thread if you have posted in it.
Whoops! :3oops:
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