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Forget Operation Fast and Furious? Not with bodies still piling up


May 11, 2013
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Masthead Editorial
July 10, 2013

Before we knew that the IRS was targeting conservative groups, what a mess the Obama administration would make of Benghazi, or the Justice Department’s monitoring of selected journalists — even before Edward Snowden and his national security leaks — there was Operation Fast and Furious.

If you accept the government line, Fast and Furious was an ATF-Justice Department operation that supposedly would allow guns illegally straw-purchased in Arizona to reach suspected Mexican narco-terrorists. ATF agents would follow the supply chain, recover the guns and make arrests.

It worked perfectly — except for the parts about following the guns, recovering them and arresting bad guys. Instead, the ATF almost immediately lost track of about 2,000 high-powered weapons, which began turning up at U.S. and Mexican crime scenes.

U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was ambushed by drug smugglers Dec. 15, 2010, near Nogales, Ariz., with a Fast and Furious gun found nearby. If not for that tragedy — and the courage of ATF field agents who risked their careers to blow the whistle on this spectacularly ill-conceived plan — Americans still might not know.

In Mexico, they have known for some time. Officials there have attributed more than 200 deaths to Fast and Furious weapons.


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Just how much more blood will be on the hands of Holder and Obama? We know there are more Mexicans being killed daily with the guns Holder allowed to be smuggled into Mexico. In the case of Obama, he has to sleep with the ridiculous "Rules of Engagements" foisted upon our soldiers in Afghanistan.


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May 22, 2012
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Uhland, Texas
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The DOJ has investigated itself and found no real problem, Th IRS has investigated itself and found no real problem, the State department has investigated itself and found no real problem - do we see a pattern here? ;)

Remember that Obama assures us, constantly, that he is aware and concerned about everything, no scandal is ever really acknowledged, we are always assured, by the teleprompter in chief, that justice (just us?) will be done (eventually?). Meanwhile, how is that "workplace violence" incident (November 5, 2009) in Fort Hood going? Time seems to cure (if not simply remove from the news) all "crisis" situations that do not simply get more gov't money tossed at them.
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