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Forged documents...Lies... CBS is doing it again!!! (1 Viewer)


Sep 15, 2004
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Dallas, Texas
Using forged documents to wrongly accuse George W should not surprise anyone.... CBS has done this type of smear before: January 1982. When CBS dedicated an entire news special called “Uncounted Enemy; A Vietnam Deception. The program was based on information that had been found to be baseless by the House Select Committee on Intelligence in 1975. Knowing it was not true they reported that General William Westmoreland deliberately “lied” to President Johnson (democrats never make bad choices on their own) and the American people about the strength of the enemy in 1968. Supposedly his motive was to keep the war going because he was some sort of dog of war. Westmoreland sued CBS and settled out of court for a large sum of money.

It should not be surprising that ideology is more important than credibility to CBS. But will they ever be held accountable? Just as John Kerry can't seem to understand why Americans think his actions after the war were less than noble, neither can CBS’s Vietnam era journalists accept that what they did during and after the war was equally void of noble motives.
MSR said:
But will they ever be held accountable?

Hopefully. The problem is that CBS does not have to yield to pressure.

Rather and his producer should do the noble thing and step down. Or, the FBI needs to invesitgate this with a PURELY unbiased independent investigation. While doing so, they need to suspend the CEO, Rather, and the Producers. There has been evidence thus far of foul play. If that is true then fraud has been commited and someone should pay for this Federal crime.

I keep waiting for a "deap throat" to emerge.

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