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Forced Abortion on Poor Ethnic Women Proposed in Holland


Jul 2, 2005
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Forced Abortion on Poor Ethnic Women Proposed in Holland

By John-Henry Westen

ROTTERDAM, Holland, February 21, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Marianne van den Anker, an alderman in the Rotterdam city council in charge of public health and security has proposed forced abortion and forced contraception for teenage mothers whose origin is in the Antilles and on drug addicts and people with mental handicaps. The alderman suggested that such mothers are nearly always guilty of child abuse.

While several reports have referred to van den Anker and her Leefbaar Rotterdam party as "right wing", the alderman is the furthest thing from the right side of the social conservative spectrum. In addition to being pro-abortion, van den Anker has set up a program in the schools to counter intolerance of homosexuality. (see her website here for that info -Dutch only - http://www.rotterdam.nl/smartsite2088108.dws?Menu=2020151&MainMenu=267127&Extern=1 )

Van den Anker told the NRC Handelsblad paper that children from these mothers run an "unacceptable risk" experiencing "violence, neglect, mistreatment and sexual abuse." She added, "The exceptions, and there are some, can be counted on a pair of hands."

Her announcement of her plan came during a workshop on child abuse where she pressed her case for forced abortion saying, "What do you think of a 24-year old Antillean mother who visits the doctor, is 19 weeks pregnant, has three existing children , then abuses one of her children in the hospital, before announcing to the doctor that she wishes to proceed with her pregnancy , even though she doesn't know who the father is, has no idea how she's going to raise another child, take care, feed and dress the child, and on top of that is HIV positive?"

The politician noted that street gangs of Antillean youths were terrorizing the city.

Her colleague, Alderman Leonard Geluk of the same party has blasted her ideas as "absurd and idiotic".

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