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For SALE Bill O'Reilly Sean Hannity & Friends


Jan 14, 2005
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Yes I'll admit it I do listen to BULL Reilly & Sean Hannity and I don't know about you but it seems to me all they do is try to sell you their books or sell news letters or sell their web pages etc., etc. ,

Yes I know what your going to say WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU don't you know that's CAPIALTUMISM and I'm not saying they don't have the right to do it BUT?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

BUT I'm 53 years old and been a news JUNKIE from the age of 13 years old and all I have to say.

I never heard the GREAT newsman i.e David Brinkley ,
Walter Cornkyet (Speel check) Peter Jennings Ted Kople , Tim Russet , etc.etc., etc.,
MOST of these men have written books but you never see them trying to sell them every 15 minutes of their BROADCAST it's consider to be very unprofessional

I also noticed how they LOVE to BRAG about them selfs I'm so smart!!.
ONLY I can tell you the truth nobody is smarter than ME !!ME!! ME!! ME!!ME!!ME!! etc.,.etc,..etc.,!!!!!!!.

They also love to come on with that real TOUGH LOOK you know the look it Say's I'm a real TOUGH GUY but my question is if they are so TOUGH why is it
that EVERYONE OF THEM IS A CHICKEN HAWK???????????????????

RUSH "" 5 time married " King chicken hawk "" LIM_BUM !!
BULL "PHONE SEX " chicken hawk Reilly Sean "Chicken hawk "'
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