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For all the drooling hype about women winning the Mid-terms, did the media report about this one?


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Mar 29, 2013
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GOP Elects First Korean American Woman To Congress.
But You Wouldn’t Know It.

"The media have largely ignored Kim"

While leftists are howling at the moon over the ascent of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the youngest woman elected to Congress, the media has almost virtually ignored another historic victory from Tuesday night's midterm:

Young Kim of the CA-39, the first Korean American elected to Congress, who is also a Republican.

The CA-39 has been a Republican stronghold for well over 20 years now and Democrats were hoping to flip it blue with the retirement of Congressman Ed Royce. They picked the perfect candidate for it: MegaMillions jackpot winner Gil Cisneros, who turned to philanthropy after a lucky lotto ticket secured him $266 million.


All they focused on are Muslims, Indians, Latinos and Blacks.
Like - yeheeeey, someone among them finally made it! :lol:

I suppose Koreans (and other Asians), must've been seen well above those groups. Aside from being a Republican, of course. Nothing surprising about them winning.

More and more evidence how Trump is right! The media is untrustworthy - you've gotta check facts before accepting what they report! They seem to be more into omission lately.

Incomplete, half-baked journalism - what can you expect from leftist media?
After all, they're among the dysfunctionals, right?

Or....do they have anything against Koreans?
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Don't know if you've noticed this but most Asians don't get mentioned in the news regardless of what they do. When they do their race or religion is never mentioned. Unless of course some white guy did something horrible to them.

Note: This only applies to those living in the US. China and N. Korea are a different matter all together. And even then its usually just nationality that's talked about, not their race.

I suspect that its because they don't fit the SJW agenda because Asians out perform all other races in pretty much any category.

Difference between Asians and all other races? Asians don't play the victim card. They're taught from birth to work hard and succeed and that any failure is on them and them alone. If I could change one thing and one thing only about our education system it would be to incorporate that doctrine into our teachings in the same way that Asians teach their children that doctrine. The change in our country would be nothing short of amazing.

*note: There are of course exceptions to any rule. I'm sure there are some Asians that do play the victim card and blame everyone else for their troubles. But I've yet to see one.
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