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Florida Candidate/Florida Man

Most of these Florida pricks seem to think they are some kind of Donald Trump part two. They get it in their mind that they're entitled to rule over the
populace like some kind of holy savior. I haven't talked to any personally but one of my associates has. Kinda funny..he said "After talking to that guy for 5 minutes, I felt like ONE, we're pretty much screwed and TWO..I wanted to punch him in the face" "He said that public heathen schools need to share more revenue with the Christen schools." "He wasn't the brightest star in the sky either"
(My associate is 83 years old) :)
Wonder what district he wants to represent?

He's a "candidate"...gee is that an accomplishment and position of power? :unsure:

I guess in Florida it is?
The English accent is real, he was a professional footballer. Have to wonder what his yellow/red card count was.

Edit: Sarasota area, he has run more than once for office, IIRC.
Wonder what district he wants to represent?

Wow, exposes himself as corrupt, sexist, anti-police, and anti-immigrant all in one video.

But this is the problem with Trumpism, none of these people have any shame anymore. The fact that this a-hole is now being criticized by liberals now probably means the Trumpists will be more eager to vote for him.
He's a "candidate"...gee is that an accomplishment and position of power? :unsure:

I guess in Florida it is?
He's a fat-ass self-important prick of a loser.

Nothing more.

Kudos to the officer for not tasing him til he shit himself like she should have.
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