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Flip Spin Flop Consertives Flip Spin Flop


Jan 14, 2005
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I'm it's so true if you till a LIE LONG ENOUGH people will believe it !!!!!!!!!.

every day I heard the WACO'S TALK SHOW HOST talking about the LIBERAL MEDIA i.e New York Times & Boston Globe , L A Times CBS, NBC , ABC , CBS , CNN , etc. etc.

What I find really ironic is that contradicts THEIR WHOLE BASE of the free enterprize system of COMPETITION !!

For Foreinstace I Live in Boston we have two newspapers The BOSTON GLOBE and The Boston Herald i.e the RAG !!. the Globe out sells the herald 2-3 to one and as far as I know I never seen anybody put a GUN to someones head to BUY the GLOBE!!!.

So will someone please tell me why if as the CONSERVATIVE say it's COMPETITION that works BEST why can't the Conservatives just start a newspaper and take on the Boston Globe ? , News York Times ? , L.A Times ???? "" And let the people decide ""

YA I know what your going to say we have FOX who call them selfs FAIR HA!!-HA!! & BALANCED HA!!-HA!! But your right they have great rating

SEAN HANITY v.s ALAN""GOOFY"" COOMES know thats fair and balanced YA RIGHT

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