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Flight Mechanincs Are Disciplined For Reporting Safety Hazards


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Jan 31, 2019
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I do a lot of flying for my job. My top favorite airlines are southwest and United.
this is not going to do southwest any good if they are reporting and getting in trouble.
the job of the mechanic is to ensure the safety of the plane.

the problem is if something happens when the plane is not scheduled for maintenance. if that airport doesn't have
a backup plane then that is a huge delay and airlines are on such tight schedules.
Management will blame the mechanics if there is a mishap. When Sully landed in the Hudson and saved everyone on board, the review board tried to nail him and his copilot for pilot error when they couldn't find an airport to land at. Based on the report above there is now documentation placing blame on management.

To save on costs airlines have planes maintained in other countries. It is difficult to know if FAA supervision extends overseas.
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