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Flexing financial muscle, Biden swamps Trump on airwaves


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Dec 3, 2017
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(Reuters) - Joe Biden’s fundraising advantage appears to be translating into an edge on the airwaves, as the Democratic presidential nominee is swamping President Donald Trump with a blitz of television advertising less than 40 days until Election Day.

The Biden campaign is spending $45.8 million on television, radio and digital ads in the week from Sept. 22 to Sept. 28, according to figures compiled by the tracking firm Advertising Analytics. That total includes more than $35 million in new ad buys since the start of the week.

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign has earmarked $17.8 million in advertising for the same period, according to the firm, after canceling millions of dollars of reservations in states including Ohio, New Hampshire, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Iowa, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.
I understand that the Trump campaign is under funded due to lavish spending by campaign staff on tings like private jet flights & consultant fees.
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