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Flashchat - new chatroom system (1 Viewer)


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May 19, 2004
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Flashchat has been installed.

The link to open the chatroom is beside the logout button at the top.

This is only available to members that are logged in.

Have fun and happy chatting!
hmmm, is it me?

I am playing with some animations. :mrgreen:
Hrmm.... hit refresh.

It appears to be working ok for me - is anyone else having this issue?
Refresh didn't work. What would I change in my browser settings? I could see it at work ok, and we have very high internet security.
Working for me, might be you need another version of java...i don't know.
Doens't use java - clear your Internet Cache - see if that helps.
Did that and a complete scan by Panda. AVG virus scan, and spy bot scan done every Sunday. Looked at the internet options, tools to advanced tab, and nothing evident that should be checked. Defrag was just done first of the month too. I'll run some more tests and see what happens.
Right click on that area that "can't be displayed" -> properties - what is the URL it's looking for?
The error indicates a problem with Internet Explorer, so I downloaded FireFox. Should I uninstall the Explorer or can I just leave it?,
Thanks. Got that done. :2razz: There doesn't seem to be any virus, adware, spyware, or any liberal hexes at work. I have wanted to try Firefox out for some time, so glad I did. It is much faster that IE even with dial up. Do you use their OS too?
I use Linux about 85% of the time. Currently running Fedora Core 3.

The other 15% is for the games I play online World of Warcraft, and very little Star Wars Galaxies.

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