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FL:911 call shows Melbourne home invasion as it happened


May 11, 2013
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By Greg Pallone
12 July, 2013


Police have released the 911 call from a distressed homeowner who had just shot one of two suspected intruders inside his Melbourne house.

And we are hearing how many shots he fired at the home invaders.

DISPATCHER: 911, what is the nature of your emergency?

CALLER: Yes, somebody just break into my house.

You can hear him breathing heavily as he calls for help, a man who lives on Pepper Avenue. Just before midnight, his house was being stormed by armed men.

CALLER: They just came in my house and I unloaded my pistol at them.

DISPATCHER: So you fired at the guy breaking into your house?

The caller screams in the distance, screams are heard back.

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Melbourne home invasion 911 call Watch Video


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You really have to come down on those racists that won't allow home invasions. I think that Angela Corey under orders of Eric Holder should arrest this home owner. It's only right.
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