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Fishermen use dead friend's ashes as bait to catch 180-pound carp


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Dec 27, 2014
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Fishermen use dead friend's ashes as bait to catch 180-pound carp | Fox News

Two British fishermen honored their late friend by using his remains to reel in a 180-pound Siamese carp while on a trip to Thailand, The Telegraph reports.

Ron Hopper, 64, from the British city of Hull, died of cancer before he could go on the trip with friends Paul Fairbrass and Cliff Dale. Before Hopper’s death, he reportedly agreed to let his 65-year-old friends take the ashes to be used in a special bait mix.

Using the special “Purple Ronnie” bait, Fairbrass and Dale battled the massive carp for three hours before catching and releasing it.
When my father dies, we're going to spread his ashes in the woods where he made his living. Give him back to the trees that gave him so much...
Well, at least his ashes didn't end up in their noses...

A friend's father-in-law wanted his ashes collected in peanut butter jars...one to go underground with his wife and the rest...meh...whatever...

I love his attitude
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