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Finding "Offense" in Everyhing


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May 8, 2017
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They should have known better in this super duper hyper sensitive world we live in these days. But it's great the aquarium gave a classic "IF" we offended you non-apology, perfect for situations like these.



I think people spend way too much time finding something to be "offended" about. When people look for offense in the way animals are described it's way over the top. But think about it;ball team names, statues, place names and other items that haven't changed for decades are suddenly offensive to one group or another. Or people who are not members of those groups make possible hurt feelings of the "affected" group a cause.

Time to lighten up a bit, don't you think?
The description did sound like a parody on the way some people perceive black people talk. Mix in there a decent amount of fat shaming type language and I can understand why some found it offensive. It’s far from the end of the world and their apology actually seemed sincere to me.
But using that same rule, why are you "offended" by their "being offended"? Why don't you lighten up?

The issue is that it's their choice to bitch and act like a fool. And it's the aquarium's choice how to respond.
Now, we can debate the merit of their actions...sure, but we would do so while admitting that the reason they are in the wrong is because of something OTHER than the fact that we "feel they are wrong because they are hyper sensitive".
if you attack them because you think they are spending time "taking offense", we can simply say you're doing the exact...same....thing.

So find better reasons to complain about this. Or maybe, don't worry about it...and lighten up :)
Am I the only person on the planet that took one look at that picture and thought, "Aww, that's absolutely adorable!" Seriously, who could look at that little face and not smile!

Then again, I really, really love otters. :lol:
in my opinion people arent really that much MORE offended today than in the past. . . there have always been nutters offended over anything and everything

the huge difference today is . . . .more people CARE and give in to those loons where before the super vast majority of us just shrugged are shoulders at them
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