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Fetterman, Lamb, Kenyatta debate tonight, 8 pm eastern time, streamed

Michael Cole

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Oct 9, 2019
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Northern Nevada
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For those interested in the PA Senate race.

The debate will stream live in the video player above [on webpage] starting at 8 p.m.
I think I have to shampoo my hair...
It looks like it'll be a symposium on centrism (during multiple crises). At least the weed guy has several issues on their Wikipedia page.
Fetterman's a really cool and interesting guy. He looks like an ex football jock but he's actually a very intelligent guy. Connor Lamb's also bright, a former marine to boot. A bit more to the center than Fetterman. No knowledge of the other candidate. My bet is that Lamb ends up winning the primary and has a 50/50 shot against Dr Oz but he'll have to carve out a space that's not necessarily aligned with Biden. Hard to do right now as GOP registration has surged in PA since 2020.
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