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Festung Kiev!


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Sep 4, 2021
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Yes. Festung. Fortress. I believe that is how our Deutch brethren refer to when an armed formation goes hedgehog and adopts a 360 deg defense. It is a very stressful situation. Our Deutch brethren have much to tell about Festungs. Having been caught in a few Festungs. Festung Stalingrad being the most famous. But there were others, Demnyansk comes to mind.

Anyways a long, crawling column of Russian war machine appears to have finally crept up to the gates of Kiev. But for some strange reason the Russian Army is leaving open an exit for anyone who does not care for the looming fireworks. I suppose it all has to do with humanitarian reasons. Except the Russians wont get any credit for that. Heck, the Russians get the short end of the stick anytime. Take a recent case. An outraged Ukrainian civilian steps in front of a Russian tank. The tank driver swerves and avoids him. The outraged civilian chases again to place himself in front of the tracks. He lived to tell the tale. He is hailed as a hero. I would have thought the tank drive was the heroic one. What do I know.

But this festung, if and when the Russians spring it, may contain some prized possessions. Two Presidents: current President Zelensky and ex President Victor Poroshenko. I believe Foreign Minister Kuleba is also staying put.

But is it even in Russia's interest to bag these precious gentlemen? Any extended stay by them in Siberia will only elicit endless protests in western capitals. Hopefully the sound of Russian canon fire may convince these gentlemen to bolt the festung
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