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February 23,2006 in hospice of the University of Texas at Austin ricin was discovered

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hero of the day

February 23, 2006 in hospice of the University of Texas at Austin ricin was discovered. In accord with FBI report in those rooms lived Georgian (Caucasus) exchange students. They were flunked because of they didn’t want to study. I think that they came here by money and not by their knowledge; parents bought this trip for them.
Well, for me Georgia is well-know as a republic with some problems. First of all there are Chechens in Pankisi. I herd that Chechens’ separatists in Pankisi produce ricin. But our president Saakashvili (mad Bush admires him so much) doesn’t care about the situation under his very nose. However it’s also known that the Chechens were up to assembling a dirty bomb for al Qaeda. And I won’t be surprised if we find the stuff in the United Sates one day.
To tell the truth I have some grasps about it. The fact that police, FBI and hospice administration refuted quickly the version about the found ricin and didn’t report the real name of exposed mortal powder in Georgian students’ room - proves that terrorists’ threat is very high. And officials are trying to take some steps for panic suppression and stop the information spreading.
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