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Fear Thy Neighbor (TV show)

Aunt Spiker

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Oct 20, 2009
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I've watched several episodes of this show, lately, and sometimes i'm not too sure if some people's murderous revenge isn't somehow understandable (I said understandable - as opposed to shockingly senseless . . . that's not the same as acceptable or encouraged, etc).

Sometimes I really wonder about these victims. Some - undoubtedly - start all the trouble between themselves and their neighbor. Then some even then stir the pot again and again, intentionally harassing their neighbor until their neighbor breaks. And I wonder if they remotely give a **** about their actions and whether or not they see themselves as decent people to live nearby. Some "victims" sound like neighbors from hell.


Two Examples:

The episode involving Twain Thomas - who, at first, just wanted some peace and quiet in his apartment complex. He didn't want his neighbors partying too loud all the time (cranking up their stereo an getting plaster faced drunk) - and he didn't want another neighbor's dogs to be at home whimpering all day long (according to the dog's owners, the dog had severe separation anxiety - and her solution was to lock him up in her apartment, whimpering, all day long).

Another episode: two girls were bitten by the neighbor's dog after they opened the door to the neighbor's house without permission. This set a series of events into motion that ultimately led to a string of harassment moments between both neighbors and ended in a shoot out between the families.


Before watching this show I always defaulted to seeing anyone who took to murder or other extremes to be just lunatics. They were always wrong, 100%. No sympathy. But after watching this show I really see some (some) as just being people who were pushed - by harassment and ****ty, inconsiderate neighbors - beyond their tolerance level and to their breaking point. They ultimately did the worst thing in the end, but I'm actually feeling a bit of sympathy for them in some cases - such as the ones mentioned above.

Especially with cases like Twain Thomson . . . is it REALLY that unreasonable to ask your neighbors to 'not play your music TOO LOUD ALL THE TIME'? Is it REALLY that unreasonable to ask the neighbor with a whining dog to deal with it differently - something other than locking the dog in a room and letting him suffer all day (like perhaps taking the dog to a doggy daycamp)?

Is it REALLY so bad to expect a dog owner to be able to have his dog INSIDE his home, off a leash, with the expectation that the neighborhood kids WON'T enter his home without permission, stir the dog's protective instincts and LET IT OUT? (Only for the parents to then INSIST he has to pay 100% of the the medical bills - all the while being indignent assholes by driving around their property day in and day out on a 4 wheeler just to annoy him further)?

Really . . . I mean seriously?

NONE of the "victims" were 100% innocent - just sitting around and minding their business before Joe Serial Killer Psycho moved in next door and targeted them - they started **** and in the two I mentioned above, they KEPT up the **** until it caught up to them.

If you want your neighbors to get along with you DON'T START BEING A ****ING DICK.

Honest to god - that's actually the #1 lesson I have learned from watching this show. If you don't want to find out just how deranged your neighbor could possible be - then DON'T BE A ****ING DICK, FIRST.
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