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FDA Proposing Regulations of Nicotine Juices Used in Vaporizers...


Shankmasta Killa
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Feb 16, 2008
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Western NY and Geneva, CH
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The FDA has proposed some regulations. Some really ****ty regulations.

Among other things, the FDA is proposing to require a filing and a fee for each flavor made available, the fees being large enough to be prohibitive for small businesses whose bread and butter is the variety of their merchandise. Makers of fluids wouldn't even be able to give out zero-nicotine samples for the purpose of determining interest before filing -- they just have to pay the fees and hope for the best.

In short, these regulations will kill the businesses I get my juice from in a matter of months, leaving only the big boys standing.

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I've already done so, and I invite anyone who has an interest to submit theirs as well.

As myself and a number of my vaper friends have said on the subject of regulation, we do not reject it universally. Age restrictions are reasonable, and if they were proposing a site certification and periodic monitoring of facilities that are used to mix up nicotine juices, I'd be okay with that. I have no problem whatsoever with either idea.

What I do object to are regulations that seem to be aimed towards making it impossible for the little guy to run a vaping shop. I see no reason to either hand the playing field to big tobacco or make vaping boring by artificially restricting the range of flavors available.

Considering how little harm vaping does compared to, oh, drinking and smoking, an America that tolerates those things has no business trying to destroy or vilify vaping.
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