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FDA Issues Warning About Contaminated Hand Sanitizer That Depresses The Central Nervous System!


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Oct 18, 2011
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A public service announcement ..

.. The FDA just issued a warning that they've discovered quite a number of hand sanitizer brands and varieties sold in the U.S. and likely elsewhere that have been contaminated with a toxin called 1-propanol which can depress the central nervous system: New toxin found in certain hand sanitizers; FDA adds products to 'do not use' list .

1-propanol is not the same as isopropyl alcohol (isopropyl alcohol is also referred to as 2-propanol or isopropanol).

The fourth paragraph contains a link labeled "here" that will take you to the FDA page where at the bottom of the page you can see the brands and varieties of hand sanitizer that were found to be contaminated with this toxin.

Though it appears the manufacturing was done in Mexico, many of these products are sold in the United States and likely elsewhere.
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