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Failure to take decesive action for many years!!



I refer to the above-mentioned matter and all of my previous correspondences that were sent to you and the numerous meetings at the Tanjong Pagar GRC Meet The People Sessions.

Despite the Indian CEC agreement out of fear secretly, I am not going to withdraw the intensive monitoring of your CPIB by international and Indian media. The rating level has been successfully brought down to Current Level 8, and will continue to slide down. Any means to restore CPIB to the glory days will be rendered futile unless you are willing to settle the matter with me directly ASAP. You have unabashedly lamented that you have zero tolerance for corruption, yet you have condoned corruption pertaining the former CPIB Officer Osman’s case. You are currently paying a heavy price with the low rating given to CPIB due to this.

Just like in your PAP Lexicon, there is no forgiveness, so does the Indian Diaspora Law, there is no forgiveness. Both the International and Indian media will keep on playing the seminal role of further bringing down CPIB’s ratings.

In your Social Media, you have promptly deleted the issue of CPIB whenever it has been brought up, it is going to carry on to let people know about it, especially the New Singaporeans, whose votes you depend on to stay in power. In parliament seating last year, 2015, your MP, Miss Indranee Rajah, have staunchly defended for you whenever the issue of corruption or CPIB matters was raised by the Opposition Workers’ Party.

Now you better do something,PM Lee!
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