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Fact or fiction?


May 11, 2013
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By Bruce Johnson
August 16, 2013

Author Brad Thor's recent book "Hidden Order" is a thought provoking work tuned to the remarkably coincidental geo political events of today.

Realizing this is only fiction, the author paints the picture that could explain the Arab Spring effort of today.

Perhaps Mr. Thor was also curious of the unexplained undercurrents in the past five years. President Obama rushes to Cairo to give his first major speech as President. He invites, insists, the Muslim Brotherhood attend. Egypt subsequently becomes a hot bed and an undeclared coup with the Brotherhood a major player.

Mr. Thor's book proposes that possibly the United States, and specifically the Federal Reserve has indeed become the servant to one of our largest creditor's, Saudi Arabia.

The premise is based in fact. Saudi Arabia is Sunni Muslim. The Muslim Brotherhood, according to the author is Sunni friendly. Additionally, the Saudis sense an instability in the region. Therefore, Mr. Thor suggests, Saudi Arabia consequently wishes to have more Sunni friendly, Muslim Brotherhood controlled countries in the Mid East and especially in its close proximity. It is a viable scenario.

The leverage the Saudis have over the US is grounded in the old adage "the debtor eventually becomes servant to the creditor". Because Saudi Arabia holds so many dollars, it has the ability to coerce the United States. Via a currency threat, the United States is impelled to secretly provide the catalytic impetus for the Saudi desired regime changes in several Mid East countries. In the book, the Federal Reserve operates an "off the books" "black operation" to achieve these changes. The 'brotherhood" is the political faction that fills the created voids.

Again, realizing that this is only fiction, the pragmatic reader will begin to question the feasibility of such a scheme. Certain things would be required. Put your imagination to work.

The administration would have to be involved in gun running and cover ups. The question of who is arming the brotherhood driven upheavals would be unasked and unanswered.

The administration would have to be Muslim Brotherhood friendly. The administration would curiously always stand with "the brotherhood" during any regime changes. There might even be those with Muslim Brotherhood affiliations meeting with administration officials, perhaps even visits to the White House.

A curious series of regime change attempts would flow through the Mid East. Places like Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, and Yemen would be candidates.

All of this of course is fiction.


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Perhaps there is more truth in fiction than we can imagine.


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Jul 11, 2005
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The best fiction is always the story with the most plausible plot.
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