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Extremists rip off tsunami charity cash

Missouri Mule

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Jul 14, 2005
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Hot Springs, Arkansas
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Why am I not surprised? More of the same old bulloney. We westerners have our pockets picked so we can be blown up. Terrorism on the installment plan. Isn't this a great world or what?

Sat 30 Jul 2005

Extremists rip off tsunami charity cash
The Scotsman, by Ian Johnston

Charitable donations to help people affected by the Asian tsunami disaster are falling into the hands of radical Islamic groups linked to terrorists in Indonesia, a leading expert on the global al-Qaeda network warned yesterday. Relief money had become the ''primary source'' of income for two militant groups, including one founded by a Muslim cleric serving a prison sentence in connection with the Bali bombing...


Terrorism expert Professor David Capitanchik, formerly of Robert Gordon University, told The Scotsman that terrorist groups were known to have set up charities to act as money-laundering operations.

"Around mosques, there are lots of people standing outside with boxes asking people to give to charity," he said. "It is rare that people who donate money know exactly where it is going. Organisations banned in this country - like Hamas - raise funds like that here." ...


I've been waiting for posts like these! Thanks Missouri Mule! :2wave:
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