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Sep 16, 2009
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Ever wonder whose tax money keeps the moolah-fountain flowing?!

scandal 1.jpg

scandal 2.jpg

India with its space and nuclear projects, Africa with their corrupt cash-grabbing ruling classes and Islamic states who are still keen to persecute Christians and aid workers who only want to help or live in peace....

...Nice to know we fund such worthy needy!

we're just bloody mugs!.jpg

'Change', did good old Dave promise? Looks from here the 'heir to Blair' is still carrying on the putrid ways of Labour!!
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Whenever India 'deals' with those silly Westerners, they come away laughing:

India flood.jpg

"I can't believe we keep getting away with such things", the Indian PM must say.

GOOD OLD TREASURY, THEY ALWAYS KNOW TO HELP THOSE IN DIRE STRAITS: Chancellor announces increased funding for Indian space programme

(Though I bet those dunderheads are thinking about the kind of money the rock group may like to blow!)

Well, it is now: Indian space programme budget up by 58 percent !!!

Well, why not: Nuclear Weapons - India Nuclear Forces

(After all, why should they spend the space and nuclear money on their own poor, when we can be touched into funding 'em?!)


Never mind, it's only British money; worthless as it is so we 'need' to give more: Did Britain really need to give millions to*the wealthy state of Singapore? - Telegraph

Not very grateful these Sudanese: http://www.debatepolitics.com/europe/84043-say-no-no-no-europe-2.html#post1059056070

Well, it must be used for something: BBC News - Ethiopia used aid to bribe voters - Human Rights Watch

No sense in EVERYBODY starving: G8 world leaders' lavish eight-course banquet at food crisis summit - mirror.co.uk

Feeding the exhibits: UN flew in starving African kids to be part of staged 'feeding exhibit' for G8 wives on camera, page 1

cheeky bloody sods!!!.jpg

....And that's not to mention the grand palacial homes, armies and reliance on foreign money to free up other cash for featherbedding!

cheeky bloody sods2.jpg

The Public aren't impressed either: Why is UK giving Millions to foreign Aid, when we are having our services cut and our NHS and we are in Debt ? - Yahoo! UK & Ireland Answers

(Argument clinic: http://www.debatepolitics.com/europe/84043-say-no-no-no-europe-2.html#post1059055909 )

Note to Government: Spend money properly!!
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