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Exposing Trump's mercenary police force


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Sep 3, 2010
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POLITICO has a very revealing article today on the inside of the mercenary private police force hired by Trump as part of his campaign security.

Inside Trump's 'privatized mercenary force' - POLITICO

Obviously Trump has a right to his own security. But I do wonder what it says about both the candidate and what he might do as President to employ people like this and use methods like this?

here is a sample from the article

The fracas in Janesville was only one example of the aggressive tactics Trump’s security has been using to tamp down even peaceful protests. A POLITICO investigation revealed that Trump has assembled a privately funded security and intelligence force with a far wider reach than other campaigns’ private security operations: tracking and rooting out protesters, patrolling campaign events and supplementing the Secret Service protection of the billionaire real estate showman during his nontraditional campaign for the GOP presidential nomination.The investigation ― which utilized Federal Election Commission reports, state licensing records, court filings and interview accounts or testimony from more than a dozen people who’ve crossed paths with Trump’s security ― found that the tactics of Trump’s team at times inflamed the already high tensions around his divisive campaign, rather than defusing them.]The Trump campaign could be forced to publicly justify its security tactics in June when a New York state court is set to hear a little-noticed case brought by a handful of protesters who allege they were assaulted by five Trump security officials during a raucous protest outside the campaign’s Manhattan headquarters in September. The protesters’ lawyers have asked the Trump campaign to release its contracts for security, its guidelines for use of force, its security team’s personnel records, and complaints against its members ― including for excessive force, assault, battery or “violation of any federal or state constitutional right.”

I have been rather outspoken in the recent week saying I DO NOT APPROVE of the insider GOP tactics to overrule the will of the people and engage in intention rule changes and manipulation to deny Trump the nomination. I think that is wrong and a betrayal of the process.

This article however is about something else entirely and raises some rather disturbing questions about Trump's apparent embracing of tactics I would not rather see in a political campaign and what it bodes for a possible Trump administration.
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If these guys start showing up in their own uniforms, particularly if they are start wearing the same colored shirt, then we should get very, very worried.
:roll: in other news Bloomberg leaves office today, protected by firearms
The same man who has spent much of his career and personal fortune trying to render good, law-abiding men and women defenseless, will now surround himself with a team of armed bodyguards. . . .

Thus, the same man who obtains special permission for his personal security force to carry firearms in so-called “gun free” countries like Bermuda, is also responsible for gun confiscation notices like this one being delivered to law-abiding gun owners in his city.

IOW it depends on what side of the isle, huh.
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