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Exports are in decline along with increased Asian imports this spells disaster!

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The Wall Street, lobbyist corporatocracy is staging a WAR on the middle class of America by, failing to meet middle class demands. Banks are serving the elite with cheap low interest fiat funding for a casino on Wall Street! Meanwhile in America stagflation has run rampant. Coffee and food increase in price in smaller parcels. Oil per barrel is not truly reflected for a gallon of gas in America! Quite frankly, America is living off less quality goods imported into this Country via policies by the Federal Reserve and the Federal Government. Furthermore, small business is not getting loans to expand or start up in some cases.

The three branches of government have caved to slave 3rd world labor at the expense of the middle class in America and when your too big to fail; this false government just taxes the poor and middle class. This will lead to Poor vs. Rich in America. And Donald Trump is for the Rich!

I propose a 15% tariff on all imported goods per item not lot; and the tax should be used to support small business loans in America to create innovation and strengthen America’s economy again. Also a great surge in quality goods and more jobs will be created in America from this proposal.


Asia depends on Middle East for 66 % of its oil imports

U.S. Census Bureau
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis
U.S. Department of Commerce * Washington, DC 20230
March 2016

The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, through the Department of
Commerce, announced today that the goods and services deficit was $40.4 billion in March, down
$6.5 billion from $47.0 billion in February, revised. March exports were $176.6 billion, $1.5
billion less than February exports. March imports were $217.1 billion, $8.1 billion less than
February imports.
News Release: U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services


In early 1922 10,000 Mark would buy over 250 Pounds of Meat.
By the end of the year it would buy only 5 pounds of Meat.
In June bread is 3.50 Mark a loaf.
A look at German inflation 1914-1924

Import Tariffs
An import tariff is a tax collected on imported goods. Generally speaking, a tariff is any tax or fee collected by a government. Sometimes tariff is used in a non-trade context, as in railroad tariffs. However, the term is much more commonly applied to a tax on imported goods.
There are two basic ways in which tariffs may be levied: specific tariffs and ad valorem tariffs.
A specific tariff is levied as a fixed charge per unit of imports. For example, the US government levies a 51 cent specific tariff on every wristwatch imported into the US. Thus, if 1000 watches are imported, the US government collects $510 in tariff revenue. In this case, $510 is collected whether the watch is a $40 Swatch or a $5000 Rolex.

Trade: Chapter 10-1: Import Tariffs

China's current tariff rate is 3.8% per lot not item which is killing the American Economy:
Tariff rate, applied, weighted mean, all products (%) | Data | Table:roll:
The only mistake in getting goods for pennies on a fiat dollar, is then wasting the labor resources you've freed by treating it as a commodity. We should let china produce our widgets so we can spend time on r and d of automation, medicine, infrastructure, the environment, energy, science and knowledge in general.
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