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Explaining why Democrat support for Trump has jumped.

What's the source of that optimism? Does the CNN poll say?


After the dearth of jobs during Obama’s 8-years and the press reporting on the recovery every quarter that never arrived... Trump has simply changed the employment and business landscape to something that is a vibrant, free economy.

He is also fulfilling promises galore... like the one yesterday.

This will piss off people like you, but it is not meant to... People can bank on what Trump says.

He will bring jobs back.
He will create an environment to bring companies back.
He will knock the **** out of and defeat ISIS.
He will get rid of ObamaCare.
He will cut regulations. Here he wasn’t so accurate. He hasn’t cut regs, he is gutting masses of them.
He will lower taxes.
He will scrap TPP.
He will pull out of The Paris Climate BS.
He will renegotiate or scrap NAFTA.
He will secure our borders.
He will deal with illegal immigration.
He will cancel Obama’s idiotic Iran deal.

Many Democrats not liking the CNN poll wish Trump was a liar... ROTFLOL.

He’s The Delivery Man... man.

And this in 16-months!
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