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Expand Inc and lead by President Rafiah Kashmiri create amazing new tool


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Nov 27, 2005
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Expand Inc and lead by President Rafiah Kashmiri create amazing new tool

Created by Expand, Inc. as part of an Air Force funded Small Business
Innovation Research (SBIR) effort, VSO can significantly reduce the
effort required to build large-scale system models and expand and
enhance design views beyond what is currently available.

The Air Force Research Laboratory and the Air Force Electronic Systems
Center have enthusiastically endorsed the continued development of this
effort. VSO is directly applicable to long-range DoD efforts in
Simulation Based Acquisition and Collaborative Virtual Prototyping.

VSO can be used to support:

Integrated Executable Architecture
Research & Development
System or Systems Analysis
Design of Experiments
Emergency Management
For more information visit www.expand-inc.com
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