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Evolution and Delusional thnking. (1 Viewer)

150+ years ago a small English ship dropped anchor in South America. On board was a young Anglican deacon who was also a naturalist by the name of Charles Darwin. He was a devote Christian and firmly believed in Genesis. During his ascent up the Andes, he found sea shells and other oceanic artifacts at altitudes where the sea could not have possibly have risen (according to ideas of his time). this made him curious.
Later when ashore on the Galapagos Islands, he discovered species after species of strange and unque creatures found no where else on earth (per his time).
When he got back home he put alot of this in his journal and kept there for years. He collegues Alfred Russell Wallace was finding similar things in the plant world. Darwins friends urged him to write a book on what he found. After a time he did and called it On the origin of the Species and Natural Selection. It was a big hit, even the English church saw no real harm in it.
Later he started working on the idea for which he is most well known for good or ill. His second book "On the Descent of Man" was not so popular because it took the ideas expressed in his first book and applied them to man using the best science OF THE DAY. he was chastized for it by the Church and the conservatives in England.
150 years later the controversy is still raging. Why? Because those who oppose Evolution still cling to the ideas expressed by Darwin in the mid 1800s.
Since that time atoms have been discovered, DNA, RNA, and we have developed methods to date rocks to a high degree of accuracy, less so with bones and tissue but new metods being used today show great promise.
And so like all technologically based enterprises, science has left Mr. Darwin in the past and moved on.
Today the definition of Evolution does not mention Survival of the Fittest, Natural Selection or Man apes. If fact there are now two defintions of evolution. One for the Physical world and one for the natural world.
Natural Evolution - The ability of an organism to successfully adapt to its environment.
Physical Evolution - The ability of an object to reach steady state or equilibrium with its surroundings.

If there must be an argument let it be here and now not 150 years ago. Science and those who readily accept Evolution have moved on, so why have those who stick to their delusional beleifs that Darwin still rules the day not been able to. I have no idea, you'll have to ask them

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