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Every Call You Make


Jul 2, 2013
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Toronto, Canada
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I am not sure where to post this. I hope this forum will be Okay.

First off, while it is true that I have my own website, I'm really not here to advertise or encourage folks to register or other stuff like that. In fact, I must get about 20 registrations per day at my website and I delete them all. I got no time to figure out who or what is a robot, so I just delete them all.

This is the only forum which I contribute to. Oh, I comment at news websites on particular stories, but this is the only forum which I attend.

Anyways; I have a small project on the go.

I want to support Edward Snowden (The whistleblower) and I have put some Lyrics together and contracted a production company to put some music to it.

I already have the YouTube Channel set up. I have ordered some T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs too.
(YouTube Video)

The guy sent me a "Sample" today. (Just the first few lines of the lyrics.)

It is a very small .MP3 file.

I was hoping that people here might listen to it and comment.

I'm 65 years of age and thus my music tastes are not "In Tune" with the times maybe.


I would really appreciate your input.

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I thought this was going to be a parody of this song.

I know that there was a parody of this song done by Columbia Business School after Bernanke was picked for the Fed Reserve over Hubbard. I bet something similar would be absolutely hilarious in this case.

I found this video. This guy seems to be thinking along the same lines as you, maybe you could contact him and ask him for a collaboration or something?

Just my :twocents:
Hi! Repeter

Because I am not a musican, I guess I may of used the wrong terms within an earlier discussion.

The lyrics are what might be described as a spoof on the Sting tune. But, I did not intend to use the same musical arrangement as the Sting tune. I was worried about copyright and all that jazz.

Actually; I was hoping to have a female voice so that it would not automatically bring back "Exact" memories of the male Sting vocals.

I'm sort of pleased that it is a dance tune, as opposed to trance music.

That second video you linked to puts me right over the edge.

Thank you for your input.

why not share it with the Russians ....or the Cubans .....I think they share your feelings about America.
Okay .... I got the complete tune and lyrics posted and is available on i-Tunes.
Welcome to ECYM

Here is the complete tune.

Every Call You Make
For Edward Snowden
EveryCallYouMake ECYM SoundTrack - YouTube

The actual soundtrack is available at i-Tunes or at the Every Call You Make website
Obviously the Soundtrack will not contain the Snowden interview sound. It was just included at the YouTube website in an attempt to prevent piracy.

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