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Errrm ... belated Hello


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Jul 19, 2005
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Manchester, England
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I just got stuck into replying to posts instead of introducing myself (I'm ashamed!)

Anyway, I'm a 30 year old bloke from the north west corner of dear old Blighty. I would describe myself as just left of middle but get irritated by any extreme view either left or right.

Anyway, hello all. I look forward to arguing with you!
uh yeh, me too.
Im from Scotland, so
Its good to know theres someone else in the same time Zone!
Are you sneeking onto the internet whilst you should be working as well?

Whereabouts are you from Rowan?
Well, im 'up' in Glasgow, Enjoying the sun before i go out to work in Sainsburys.

And using my time viewing Politics. i guess i have strange priorities.

Are we the only British People here do you think?
No, Robin is from the UK and I think I've seen one or two more in the last few weeks but their names escape me.

You ino fitba Rowan? Celtic or Rangers? :lol:

Excuse me if I don't reply straight away. Better get something done!
Calvin and hobbes fans unite!

Never into football, too much uneccesary tribalism.
Plus i was always in goals in schools- ...

well its reasuring to know there are those with british rational here, (just as long as they dont read Rupert Murdoch's 'The Sun')
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