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Enviros fight green project (1 Viewer)


FireUltra 98

I love stories like these . . "we don't care if the project will reduce fossil fuel emissions, don't touch our mountain". They fight themselves.

Environmentalists in Italy fight a 'green' project

By Elisabeth Rosenthal International Herald Tribune

Volunteers at this makeshift guard post serve as an early warning system charged with detecting the arrival of railroad construction crews for a pan-European high-speed freight line, a project that environmental groups and residents say will create unfathomable environmental damage here.

Venaus lies at a crucial link in a long-planned freight transport system that is intended to connect Western and Eastern Europe. A line stretching from Barcelona to Kiev is to be the latest axis in a European high-speed rail network, known in Italian as the Treno ad Alta Velocità, or TAV.
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Please do not post entire articles. Proper format is to paraphrase the contents of an article and/or post relevant excerpts and then link to the rest. Best bet is to always reference the original source.
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Oh no! Moon pied again. Thanks Moonie, I'll remember that . . . you can go back to sleep now.
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I've already been hand-slapped by another mod on another thread, so no need to retaliate and break any rules by lashing out at non-mod members Moonie:mrgreen: Reading the threads in which I seemingly violated the rules, one will notice I posted them close together and before my first notice/warning/threat.

So I can post 1/2, 2/3 or even 7/8 of an article and post the source but not the whole article and provide the source. Because I've seen plenty of the former and I did post the original sources on both of my threads which got your and RightNYU's pant . . . I mean, err . . broke the rules.:mrgreen:

C'mon, we can get along . . we're all supposedly on the same side politically (tongue in cheek)? Alright, I'm done . . . good night gents.
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