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Environmental groups admit

I imagine this will happen over alot of enviromental issues.

Hey, its 2005 were we not supposed to all be dead by now anyway.
And this is in 'Religion & Philosophy' because...

Perhaps Fonzi hit the submit button before he finished composing his OP.

I'm moving this from R&P to Today's News. If there's not debatable proposition proposed here after my post-prandial nap I may move it further.
Yea, they may well be wrong on the DDT issue. My dad went to college with a guy who ate a teaspoon of the stuff every day just to prove it wasn't harmful to humans.

However, I don't think that just because they had the guts to admit they were wrong on one issue means they are wrong on everything. It does hurt their credibility some, yes. But it's nice to see people admit they were wrong.
Simon W. Moon said:
If there's not debatable proposition proposed here after my post-prandial nap I may move it further.
Welp, I'm awake and there's still not a debatable proposition supported by premises. Still just a bare lonely link. To me this looks like more like mere belly achin' than debatin.
Arthur Fonzarelli said:

It is so very typical of a myriad of regulations, if it harms one person but helps 500,000 we STILL MUST ban it. Former Washington state Governor Dixie Lee Ray (now deceased) wrote an excellent book on the matter and included a chapter on DDT and the falicies of Rachael Carson's book which brought about the ban. Even thought no proof was offered that DDT caused harm it was still banned. Not too long ago I mentioned that DDT had saved far more lives than it ever hurt and that we should lift the absolute ban on it to my dear brother-in-law and his wife who pick all thier produce at thier local co-op garden. They were just incredulas because they had never heard the otherside of the story.
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