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ENTIRE CIA OUTED....by the Internet! (1 Viewer)


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Dec 14, 2005
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The entire CIA is scrambling this morning to do massive Damage assessment and control! Seems 1 'local' media did some digging and came iup with the names of almost/maybe EVERY person who works for the CIA, the CIA's headquarters, and even the locations of 5 TOP SECRET CIA Facilities.....right off the Internet! Even some names of Covert agents currently on assignment under cover were found, sending Case workers scrambling to see who is in danger and what missions have been blown.....

and guess what? The media is planning to publish it (or already has - trying to get my hands on the story/link now, but the news is all over CNN, Fox, etc....)!

1. 1st we have to find out HOW all this stuff ogt onthe web, and fix that!

2. OK, NOW can we rein the freakin' media in, roasting these guys' nuts if they do/did print this, seeing as how it has put lives in jeopardy, killed critical Intel, and has done ir-reversible, incredible amounts of damage to this nation and our security? To HE!! with Freedom of speech in this case. When your freedom of speech hurts this entire nation's security more than 1,000 Port deals could ever DREAM of doing, it is time to clamp this cr@p down!

3. Maybe we can finallythrow the Vallerie Plame thing out the window nw. An article talking about a desk worker for the CIA, whose secret everyone in Washington knew anyway, is PEANUTS compared to outing EVERYONE in the CIA, including current under cover operatives and 5 secret CIA HQs/locations!

4. When will Fitz launch an investigation into this one. I am sure right after their 'exhaustive' investigation into who damaged national security by leaking the goverment's wiretaps of terrorists! Pardon me if I don't hold my breath waiting for either of those to EVER happen! The Plame-game and Bush-witch-hunt will continue, though! :roll:
Looks like my intense dislike of compiling personal minutia into Big Brother style data-bases is starting to become vindicated. It's ironic, in a sad sort of way, how the people you'd expect to be holding the reins to these techniques are instead finding themselves the victims.

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