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As important as the addition of any new SCOTUS justice is, I'm pretty damned well sick of the flurry of threads started in relation to the sexual allegations.

If you were to ask me whether or not I think Kavanaugh is guilty, my answer would still be a resounding, 'I don't know'. If you were to ask me if I think that the Democrat's motivation for pushing this is entirely political, my answer would be a resounding, 'yes'. However, I truly feel that many of the attempts made to defend Kavanaugh on this forum are simply getting more and more ridiculous.

The very first threads posted on the subject indicated that people are largely divided along ideological or partisan lines. I don't assume that most of these people intentionally side up according to what's politically convenient, but I do think that what is politically convenient is a massive influence on how people generally perceive this whole affair.

This alone makes me want to pull my hair out, that belief in guilt is largely divided along partisan lines is a clear loss for objectivity. Now the defense of Kavanaugh seems to have shifted towards attitudes a
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