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I know I normally talk about politcs and crap, but recently I am pretty sure i found enlightenment along the lines of what the buddha found. Though I normally do not discuss it because i feel like i would be getting preachy in an area I really cannot speak on because this is a pwersonal spiritual quest I put forth these details for anyone who is interested and seeking a path. I cannot teach anyone about how to get here. That is because i have realized it is a personal realization of yourself and the universe. I can only give advice on how to walk toward that way, and it may not be your path.

I found the understanding came when exploring works of philosophy. There are many questions of why in the universe. What I realized is that I can see myself in the reflections of others because I am linked to the universe through .....Oh my I am getting really ahead of myself here. I guess i should start at the beginning. Infinity, something and nothing. The binary. The universe is infinite. Now I am not talking about just the space we can perceive but other ways of existing. To define infinity I came to the conclusion it was easier to define what infinity was not. That would be nothing. So in essence in a universe of infinite possibilities it was created when something happened. It exists because there is something here. It is that simple. The alternative to existence is nothing.

This is where i get into something I will call infinity blossoms. If you think of the binary state of something and nothing you have nothing and you have everything. So immediately everything happens in an explosion. Why? because that is the nature of movement, energy, and even thought and creation. At this point you are encompassing everything including gods fantasies, and all sorts of other stuff. If you ask what made this it would be nothing. because in order for nothing to exist there has to be something. So what is outside of this universe? Nothing!

Now about the blossoms. I have a way of viewing time and space. If you think about a 3 dimensional space you have choices which direction to go or to just stay still. There is space and time available for you to chose any direction. That means that all the choices you did not make exist as opportunities of a sort. Those alternate situations are like the empty space that is not use when you decide on a direction to travel in space. That space does not go away. So every moment is making a blossom of possibilities that alter the universe around it.

Now i know you are probably saying no duh. However there is a difference between knowing this is true and being able to perceive it. For example if i tell you to add two and two you will get four without much thought. It is memorized and instinctual. I child who knows nothing of math could parrot that back to you. Underneath that snap thought you have the understanding that you are taking two things and adding two things. This fundamental understanding of numbers allows you to use them where the child who just memorized the equation doesn't have that ability. If you presented that child with three plus three he would not know what it was, but because you understand numbers you would determine 6.

This is where I finally see enlightenment coming into play. I had memorized the equations before, or more realistically I could say the words that were about it. But I did not have the fundamental understanding to be able to apply it to my life. When that understanding came so many questions were answered and now I am able to see back to myself in the reflection of the universe. I called this seeing the back of my head with my own eyes.

If you were able to travel these threads or leylines and look out at different points you would be all encompassing. That means that each thing we do, and each thing we leave open leaves a mark on the universe. Of course that mark is very small. However, I think because we consciously realize this we can transcend at a certain point. But that philosophy will come later i have written enough for now.
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