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Empowering the UN (1 Viewer)


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Aug 27, 2005
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The efforts by our leaders to reform the UN are actually empowering it to eventually threaten our own soverignty.

The US still exerts a lot of influence over the UN, but the steps taken this week are an ominous sign that, in our effort to change UN policy, we are ultimately giving the UN eventual power over the US. This week the UN created the Peacebuilding Commission, the worldwide UN Democracy Fund, and made the Responsiblity to Protect Rules part of UN policy.

As the author states, while we have influence over the UN at this time, this may not always be the case, and helping to pass measures which the UN could eventually use to undermine the soverignty of the United States is not a smart move, and is destructive to the ideals of Conservatism in this country. But then again, who said the Bushneviks were Conservative?

Article is here.
danarhea said:

I'm a firm believer in relocating the UN to an uninhabited island and reducing
it's charter to limited humanitarian missions only. Each country should have
to pay an amount which directly correlates to their population in ratio
to the earth's total populace. Think we'd see some changes then?

This would get the spies and so-called diplomats out of our front yard (NYC).

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